Round & Round national TV advertising campaign!

Okay, okay. It’s not just a TV ad for Round & Round. It’s more like a collabo between Myer menswear and Round & round. Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith (Danii Minogue’s beau) met with “our people” (that is, Joe & I) and cooked up the deal. Several bottles of Champagne and some nibblies from Tabet’s Bakery were devoured in the conference room as we nutted out the details and I won’t deny the rumours that one or both of the spokespeople for the retail giant made inappropriate advances toward us.

Here’s a photo I took on my phone of the pair during the meeting. Nice power suit, Kris!
Jen and Kris

So the ad is finished! It’s soon to air nationally but today you will be able to get a sneak peek. I will have to have a chat to the editor about it as it seems he cut out most of the scenes involving the store. I’m especially disappointed they edited out the bit where Joe, wearing a pvc bodysuit designed by Gaultier, was dancing manically to Dream Frequency’s Take Me To the Top. But alas, it seems in the drunken haze of the meeting, Joe and I had signed away all rights to final cut. Damn you Jennifer, you cunning negotiator! Duped again!

So the shop is only in it from 0:21-0:28. Here ’tis:

Round & Round X Myer Menswear multimedia collabo

Is this the first time that LSD March and the Sun City Girls have been seen on Australian national TV? I like to think so.

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