Busy, Ball-y, Bikkie…

It’s been a lean couple of weeks on the blogging front at Round & Round. Those of you who are familiar with the staff members might, quite justly, assume the reason to be our laziness. Let’s face it, we chose a job that lets us start at 11am and the most physically demanding part of the day is flipping a record over to play the second side. By the way, if you look closely you’ll notice the turntable tonearm is set to an extremely light weight and we rarely play 180g pressings on the store stereo, preferring to choose 1980’s Australian pressings to further decrease our physical output. Such is our laziness.

Anyway, that’s not the reason. It’s quite the opposite, in fact! The real story is that we’ve had box after box arrive at the store these past two weeks. A large number of new and second hand records from Australia, England and USA. It’s fair to say the bulk of it was hip hop, soul and funk but there’s been a chunk of other stuff, too. Like reissues of Sand’s amazing album “Golem”:

sand golem

This Krautrock gem, from 1974, combines the most tripped-out of synths with the ancient folk rhythms and cosmic myth-music of our whacked-out ancestors trying to work out how the heck we translate dreams into sound. There are no drums or conventional instrumentation – this is pure otherworldly noise, perhaps made by demigods.

Here’s a clip but for the full experience you really need to hear the album in its entirety:

We’re already down to the last copy but there will be more on order shortly – reserve one to avoid disappointment.

Regarding disappointment, today is Grand Final day. And so, the fans of one team will soon be experiencing that sinking feeling of watching their team stumble at the final hurdle. Well, boo-fucking-hoo! As fans of Melbourne and Richmond, Jeff and Joe had to deal with underperforming teams and poor results all year. Siggy, of course, has rubbed it in at every opportunity, especially when her beloved Cats put Melbourne to the sword with a 186 point victory. I guess we should favour Geelong to support her, but whatever. By the way, we are open as usual today. Jeff will be listening to the game on radio on what is sure to be one of the most disappointing trading days of the year. Even without the rain. 😦

There’s about a million images and youtube videos of cat and magpie interactions. And much like the Tom and Jerry cartoons, they always seem a lot more family-friendly when the magpies win. So here’s one of those:

Those magpies must be pretty hungry to try and eat a cat! Speaking of which: we now come to the “bikkie” part of the Caesarian bastardisation. Music and biscuits have always had a close association. First, there was the Cookie Monster’s tracks “C is For Cookie” and “Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco“:

Neither of which are in stock at the moment (mostly due to Jeff stealing all the kids’ records “for his son”) but we do have the Soul Sesame Street lp:

soul sesame street

Further instances of bikkies and music mixing are: the band named the Cookie Crew. And there’s the tin of Red Krayola biscuits I bought at their gig in Osaka, Japan. I’ll take a photo when I get home so check back for that!

And so that famous tradition of music and biscuits continues at Round & Round. The past couple of weeks there’s been quite a few empty wrappers labelled “Yamama Pie” scattered throughout the shop. I’ve now found out exactly what these things are: On sale at Middle East Bakeries, just around the corner, you can buy a box of 12 Yamamas for $4.50.

Here’s what one looks like:
yamama pie

And here’s one on top of Russia:
Yamama Pie on Russia

And here’s one out of the packet (sorry, I couldn’t resist taking a bite):

The boys can be seen eating Yamama (pun intended!) at regular intervals throughout the day and if you spot them doing so feel free to ask for a bite of Yamama.

A further example of biscuits and music arose this week. The mysterious Hi God People dropped off a couple of copies of their latest offering. Here’s a picture:

Hi God People biscuit

And here’s a copy of their latest release next to Yamama pie for size reference:
(Sorry for the bites, I can’t stop eating Yamama!)

Yes, the Hi God People’s new release is a biscuit! An Anzac biscuit to be precise, ‘cos Aussie, I suppose. Lovingly baked by the band, who assured me there is no hallucinogens inside and that the biscuits are indeed family-friendly and all natural. And they’re gluten free!

Included with the biscuit is a download code for their album. Or you can punch a hole in the bikkie and put it on your record player for an alternative set of sounds. These are available at the store for $8 and you better be quick, ‘cos Jeff’s running low on Yamama and we won’t be able to hold him back from eating these albums for much longer!

Surely this confirms biscuits’ position as the number two affiliate of music (second only to “love”).

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