Yma launch 14/10/11

I was going to title this post with a pun on Yma Sumac’s name. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce it and so the pun might not make any sense at all. For the record, I pronounce it like “beamer” but without the “b”, then “sue match” or sometimes “sue mac”, it kind of depends on the day. Feel free to correct me, I’d love to know how it’s really said.

Anyway, the title I went for is simple and sums up the post. The folks at Roundtable Records are launching their latest lp release, Yma Sumac’s “Miracles” this Friday night at the LuWow Tiki Bar at 53 Johnstone St, Fitzroy.

Here’s a pic of the cover:
Yma Sumac Miracles

It’s a killer record! Les Baxter takes control and together he and Yma pump out the most psych-ed album that either of them produced. Fuzz guitar, upfront drums, and Yma’s 4 octave voice mixed up in tall glass and served with a straw and an umbrella on top. Yes, it’s still exotica but it’s the driving exotica of black magic rituals rather than languid palm trees swaying.

As you can imagine, it’s on sale at Round & Round currently. šŸ˜€

The launch will be kicking off at 7pm and will see DJs from the label, including Jeff from Round & Round, playing exotica etc records until 10pm. This Tiki bar is pretty amazing, by the way! It’s well worth going to the launch just to check out the set up of the fabulous bar. Anyway, following the Roundtable DJs will be go-go dancers, Melbourne’s best Bollywood funk band Bombay Royale, and garage and R&B sounds from rare 45s spun by DJ Sye Saxon. Should be a fun night!! Stop by for a tequila sunrise or a pina colada and say hi! I briefly thought about plugging a handful of exotica records in the store currently but Jeff has told me not to in case he has to borrow some for his DJ set on Friday. So swing by on Saturday to check them out, if you don’t mind.

Here’s the opening track from “Miracles” to get you in the mood:

And while you’re grabbing a copy of that lp, maybe you’d like to pick up the other fresh Roundtable release that came out at the same time: Rob Thomsett’s “Yaraandoo
Rob Thomsett Yaraandoo
This Canberra private press prog record was originally released in an edition of 100 copies back in 1975. The music is instrumental using guitar, drums, bass, moog, mellotron, ARP, flutes, glockenspiels and more to tell an Aboriginal story of the earth’s creation. The soundscapes cover myriad textures from driving rhythms to contemplative musings. It sounds distinctly Australian, very organic and it’s a damn beautiful record! DJ Shadow lists it as one of his favourite Aussie records and I agree: it’s in my top two Aussie prog records!

Lots of exciting records on the Roundtable label already, and keep checking their website, ‘cos in addition to their reissue work they also have a fabulous list of second hand rarities posted on a regular basis. Coming up shortly for the label there’ll be another three reissues released that I’m extremely excited about!!! Peter Thomas’ “Orion 2000” and two Italian gems that are kind of a secret but are sure to knock your socks off! Keep an eye/ear out!

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