Psyche Blues Bonanza

At the height of the psychedelic age, record companies thought it would be a good idea if the old bluesmen psyched up their old hits for the hip young things. It sounded like a terrible marketing ploy and blues purists were horrified. But forty-odd years later and these albums sound just great!
First up we have Muddy Water’s ‘Electric Mud’ from 1969. Great long snaking versions of old favourites like “I Just Want To Make Love To You”. Here’s Mud doing his thang with the Stones in 1981.

Next up we’ve got John Lee Hooker from 1974. The king of the endless boogie recorded ‘Free Beer And Chicken’ with funk guitarists Wa Wa Watsou and Mel Brown, plus Sam Rivers on flute and Michael White on violin. We can’t understand why this was panned at the time. It sounds wonderful!

And completing our psyche-blues triumvirate is the blues giant Howlin’ Wolf who recorded his psyche album in 1969. He hated this new direction, famously quoting “Those electric guitars. They got a queer sound.”

We’ve got all three albums in the shop at the moment, including a damn fine repress of the Howlin’ Wolf album, with poster and limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Summertime blues!

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