(Don’t) Yap that, fool!

You might think with a title about “yapping”, this post will have something to do with doglets. Maybe this guy:

And it’d be fair enough to think that. After all, the original Round & Round ethos, long before Siggy and Joe were involved with store, did include the belief that doglets reign supreme among the four-leggeds of the world. But alas, this post isn’t about dogs. This No Use For A Name song might give you a better idea of what it’s about:
(If you don’t like NUFAN, you can just watch another Tank Dog youtube instead and read on below.)

Did you guess? Well, this past week we’ve been visited by two record thieves. They’re both kinda long stories and I’m not going to type them out here, suffice to say that, in both visits, they dealt with staff members who hadn’t seen them previously so they got away with it ‘cos we like to give folks benefit of the doubt. Maybe we shouldn’t? I don’t know. Honestly though, 99.999% of people in the shop are good folks and I’d hate to think we’d start treating everyone with suspicion ‘cos of one or two bad apples.

I was going to suggest to any would-be thieves that they stay at home and steal their music off the internet, like most of the population. And if you are thinking about stealing second hand lp’s from us, this is the way to do it, because the artist and label don’t get any royalties on (our fine selection of) second hand records.

But if you are stealing new records (which both of these thieves have done), well, then the artist misses out if you do that stealing online. If you go old-skool and steal from the shop, at least the artist still gets paid. So that’s kinda altruistic of them, right?

So what brings people to steal records anyway? I, for one, blame their upbringing. Probably deprived of records by overbearing parents. And perhaps watching too much TV. Kids programs send a lot of bad messages; I mean look at this clip from popular children’s television show, Sesame Street:

Here’s the lyrics in case you can’t understand Bert & Ernie’s new urban-style voices (I couldn’t get more than a couple of words, myself):

Take minks off! Take things off!
Take chains off! Take rings off!
Bracelets is yapped, Fame came off!
(Ante Up!) Everything off!
Fool, what you want? We stiflin them fools
Fool, what you want? Your life or your jewels?
The rules, (back em down) next thing, (clap em down)
Respect mine we Brooklyn bound, (bound! now, (now!)

Brownsville, home of the brave
Put in work in the street like a slave
Keep rugged dress code
Always in this stress mode
(That shit will send you to your grave) So?
You think I don’t know that? (BLOW!)
N-word hold that! (BLOW!) N-word hold that! (BLOW!) N-word hold that!
From the street cousin, you know the drill
I’m 900 and 99 thou short of a mill

Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
It’s the perfect timin, you see the man shinin
Get up of them god damn diamonds! Huh!
Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
Get him (get him) get him! Hit him (hit him) hit him!
Yap him! (Zap him!) Yap him! (Zap him!)

With Ernie and Bert promoting yapping what hope do us citizens have? And I wonder if the store’s recent focus on gangsta rap has also sent the wrong message to the kids. By the way, we still have a bunch of it on the shelves so stop by and PURCHASE it, if you like. We don’t have “Ante Up” by M.O.P. (the Bert & Ernie song) but we do have Gangstarr’s amazing 3LP set “Moment of Truth” which features M.O.P. on one track.

So what do we do now? Well, I for one am hoping they just don’t come back. Or they come back and apologize and return stuff they’ve stolen… Seriously though, we’ll probably just have to tell them to leave and not come back.

Don’t steal, folks. Thanks. And just to show that not all hip hop glorifies criminal activities, here’s a good law-abiding piece of hip hop to close with:

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