Xmas is just about here!! And, as of now, the Xmas section is up and running at Round & Round. Yes, it’s a little late but Jeff got too attached to the records and was afraid to put them out earlier “in case someone bought them”. Yeah, that’s some keen business acumen right there….

If you’re one of the 75% of people who think Xmas records are lame-sauce (I took a poll), well, you’re in for a surprise with this delicious selection! Okay those three people polled (out of 4) who didn’t like Xmas lp’s weren’t swayed by the range but I am sure your taste is better. I mean, take a look at the styles covered: surf guitar, girl groups, gangsta rap, soul, country, reggae, disco, jazz, moog, indie… And yes, there’s also a bunch of traditional, dour choirs for the more “traditional” among you. Here’s a sneak peek:

So stop by the shop and grab some yuletide vinyl! Buy them all if you want to really annoy Jeff.

Another important part of Christmas is the Christmas party. And tomorrow night is the second Round & Round Xmas party. The first took place about 6 months late and lasted about an hour-and-a-half. It was a decent event but not filled with the debauchery and regret that is normally associated with these events. Here’s an artist’s rendition:

Thankfully, the artist doubled the size of the party, and painted us as dogs thereby making it look a little fun.

Anyway, this year will be different. James and Siggy will be there and given Siggy’s nakedness, we’ve already got a bit of bacchanalia. And they aren’t the only extra folks; we’ve also invited the top 100 customers to join us. If you’re reading this and wondering why you didn’t get invited, well it’s very simple: you didn’t spend enough money in the store this year. You’ll have to increase expenditure in 2012 and maybe you’ll make the cut for next year’s party.

You’ll be kicking yourself for not buying that extra Tears For Fears lp when you find out about this party, too. I’m not going to give away all the details but there will be limousines, free alcohol, a vegan buffet, three desserts, a seafood buffet, an Irish band, more free alcohol, a heated pool and the whole thing will be emcee’d by Bruce Curnow, the drummer from Kids In The Kitchen from 1983-86. If that doesn’t get you buying more records then I don’t know what will.

I’ll sign off today with a ditty from Pink Floyd that never made it to vinyl. Merry Xmas, folks!


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