Some local truth from a bunch of drunk c*ntz…

Look what just landed on the shop floor – three unreal local releases…
The debut longplayer from Adelaide/Melbourne trio TERRIBLE TRUTHS on the Bedroom Suck label. Great post-punk happenings here, sounding like they shoulda recorded for the Rough Trade label circa 1979 – ’81 (think Slits/Raincoats/Pop Group/Scritti or thereabouts). Angular, rhythmic, melodic: a great combo.
The second album from Melbourne scum-punks the DRUNK MUMS, Gone Troppo. Unlike the George Harrison LP of the same name, this is not only listenable, but worthy of repeated spins. They’ve written GREAT SONGS. Some of this brings to mind the Cramps, some of it Brian Jonestown, some of it lends an obvious air of Stooges damage, but mostly this goes to show that DRUNK MUMS have really developed into a killer rock & roll outfit. An unconditional recommendation!
Lastly, but certainly not least is the latest and greatest from Melbourne quartet, CUNTZ, Force The Zone, on Homeless Records. And it IS their best yet: these scuzz-punkers stew up a brew of Venom P. Stinger, Flipper and the speed-induced psychosis of Mark E. Smith into a highly palatable soup of no-effin’-around PUNK ROCK. They’re definitely worth your time and trouble, and from what we hear of their latest exploits on their current US tour, they’re a whole lotta trouble indeed. Get real, get CUNTZ.cuntz
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